Louis Armstrong - Satchmo Serenade's

01. (When We Are Dancin') I Get Ideas.mp3
02. A Kiss To Build A Dream On.mp3
03. Cold, Cold Heart.mp3
04. Because Of You.mp3
05. La Vie En Rose.mp3
06. C'est Si Bon.mp3
07. Maybe It's Because.mp3
08. I'll Keep The Lovelight Burning (in My Heart).mp3
09. I'll Walk Alone.mp3
10. Kiss Of Fire.mp3
11. Congratulations To Someone.mp3
12. Your Cheatin' Heart.mp3
13. I Can't Afford To Miss This Dream.mp3
14. Someday (You'll Be Sorry).mp3
15. It Takes To To Tango.mp3
16. I Laughed At Love.mp3
17. April In Portugal.mp3
18. Ramona.mp3



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