Sonny Clark - Standards (1958)

Sonny Clark - piano
Paul Chambers - bass on 1-7
Jymie Merritt - bass on 8-14
Wes Landers - drums

01. (00:05:57) - Blues In The Night
02. (00:04:19) - Can't We Be Friends
03. (00:04:17) - Somebody Loves Me
04. (00:03:56) - All Of You
05. (00:03:32) - Dancing In The Dark
06. (00:04:41) - I Cover The Waterfront
07. (00:07:16) - Blues In The Night (alternate take)
08. (00:04:01) - Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
09. (00:04:50) - Ain't No Use
10. (00:03:52) - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
11. (00:03:23) - Black Velvet
12. (00:04:34) - I'm Just A Lucky So And So
13. (00:04:00) - The Breeze And I
14. (00:03:50) - Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You (alternate take)


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descarga b

No lo escuche... ta por megaupload si esta bueno avisen... y me lo bajo!!! un saludo!!! el yuyoman!!!


peer57 ha dicho que…
First of all: I am very sorry, but i do NOT agree with your point that these are your links! When i download an album from any forum, any blog or whatever...from the moment the album reaches my harddisc, it is my album....
When i upload this album again, it is MY upload!...
if i notice that someone else just steals my links ...In that case I immediately kill the links, so nobody can use them again.

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