(1968) Keith Jarrett - Somewhere Before

1968. Shelly’s Manne-Hole, Hollywood, October 30-31, 1968; George Avakian (producer). Vortex / Atlantic
2012; Reissued (Japan): PF.-7529A; CD 30XD-1038.
Featuring: Keith Jarrett (piano, soprano sax, flute), Charlie Haden (bass), Paul Motian (drums).
3Piano solo.
4Keith Jarrett on soprano sax, too.
5Reissued on: Keith Jarrett - Foundations: the Keith Jarrett Anthology (1966-1971).
6With string quartet. Recorded with overdubbing.

Tracks: My Back Pages (Bob Dylan), Pretty Ballad (*), Moving Soon (*), Somewhere Before (*), New
Rag, A Moment for Tears (*), Pout’s Over (And the Day’s Not Through), Dedicated to You, Old Rag.


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